The Maynard public schools provides a range of programs for students ages 3-22.

Integrated Preschool 

           In an Integrated preschool classroom there are both children who are developing within age expectations and children who have identified special needs.  Children with identified special needs are on Individual Education Programs (IEP) and require specialized services in order to access a preschool curriculum.

Learning Centers

Green Meadow         Fowler        Maynard High School

 Each school has a learning center for every grade that serves a broad range of student needs.  Students may receive support for academics, language, organization and/or integration of information. In these learning centers accommodations and/or classroom supports are provided as needed for students to access the general curriculum.

Connections & Community Connections

Connections: Special Education program at Maynard High School to provide support for
academics, life skills and vocational skill development.
Community Connections: Special Education class is located in the Central Office wing at Fowler to provide post-secondary students with support for academics, life skills and vocational skill development in our community.